Design and Engineering of Ballast Water Treatment Systems

One of our company Star Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. Shanghai founded year 2016 as an engineering company to support for engineering solutions and one of main activity is assist ship owners regarding IMO convention for Water Ballast Management Convention. 3D scanning and drawing preparation for class approvals.

We can offer:

↓Feasibility study for Owner’s preferred Maker of Ballast Water Treatment System

↓Estimation of Ballast Water Treatment System retrofit Capital Expenditure and Operating Expense

↓Onboard 3D scanning

↓Review of scanned 3D model against actual onboard arrangement

↓Final confirmation on selected Ballast Water Treatment System

↓Design development: 3D model -> Pre-installation drawings -> classification drawings -> isometric drawings -> Material Take Off list

↓Hazard Identification assessment for fitting the system onboard the vessel (on passage or in dry dock)

↓Class approval for documentation and drawings

↓Prefabrication stage

↓Supervision during prefabrication, installation and commissioning


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