Dry Docking for M&T “BERING GAS” at Cosco Zhoushan for ULTRAGAS

Star MarinePro successfully completed drydocking on M/T “BERING GAS” at COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Zhoushan). Star MarinePro are pleased with the successful corporation with the Danish ship owning company ULTRAGAS.

On July 19, the LPG Tanker “BERING GAS” left COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Zhoushan) and sailed smoothly away on its next voyage. This marks the successful completion of the first LPG vessel dry docked in 2021 by COSCO Shipping Heavy Industries (Zhoushan), and also accumulates valuable experience for the repair and maintenance of Gas Carries for the future.

The vessel main particulars are as follows:

Length overall: 159.83 m,

Beam: 26.6 m,

Depth: 17.40 m.

The main dry docking works of “BERING GAS” include: application of silicone antifouling paint on the underwater hull area, application of Multi Strenght coating on topside areas with high fender impact, Installation of new nitrogen cooling system, repair of low temperature liquid valves for the cargo system, replacement of energy-saving devices in liquid cargo system and some repair of cracks on ladders in cargo holds. The yards top management team showed high attention and importance in the repair work, and actively participated and organized the production teams with great efforts, and delivered a satisfactory result to the Owner with a smooth sailing one day ahead of schedule.

Plan ahead to meet challenges

Before the ship entered the shipyard, the Ship Repair Management Department and the Operation Department took the lead in organizing relevant departments to and held production preparation meetings and focused on the detailed deployment arrangements regarding the safety control of the boarding personnel, as well as the planning of the cargo hold ventilation, application of silicone antifouling on shell plating, and constant check of temperature and humidity throughout the preparation, application and curing period.

Yards management team was in contact with Owners Superintendents in advance to verify the quantity, technical parameters and other issues related with the cryogenic valve parts and made repair plan for the liquid cargo hold, as to ensure that the works would be completed rapidly after the ship entered the shipyard. At the same time, the management team and the ship owner organized video-conference several times to discuss the details of the repair project in depth and jointly promote the production progress. For the key task of spraying silicone antifouling on the underwater hull, the management team contacted the paint company in advance and made a detailed understanding and study on the special requirements for application and coating interval. After “BERING GAS” entered the shipyard, the yard team made full use of the available time and carried out surface preparation on vessel outboard area in the dock, completing an area of about 880 m², effectively reducing the time in drydock and significantly improving the production schedule.

Work together to ensure production

The Shipyard management team had already before arrival of the vessel, set a goal of “early sailing” as their target. Special inspection of ventilation of the Cargo Holds was arranged to ensure adequate ventilation in all areas as to achieve no unventilated corners and ensure the safety of construction.

New equipment for energy-saving was installaed on the liquid cargo system. The electrical team and the hull team worked closely together, jointly surveyed the structural and other works, and cooperated to solve the problems of heat exchanger lifting, spare parts and pipe system retrofit to ensure the successful completion on time.

Yards department for Electromechanical work on the steering gear actively communicated with the service engineers and jointly provided a specific repair plan and the repair work was performed smoothlyand ahead of time schedule.

During the repair period of “BERING GAS”, the Yard management team always prioritized the ship repair production schedule as the highest priority, worked overtime to implement on-site tracking, and strictly controlled the safety of the construction site, dealt with any construction problems in a timely manner, and worked together to promote the repair tasks to ensure the ship sailing ahead of schedule.

Star MarinePro would like to thank UltraGas and COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Zhoushan) for their strong corporation during the M/T “BERING GAS” Dry Docking.

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