Successfully Delivery of Last Tugboat for Svitzer

On the morning of June 7th, IRON FINCH, the last tugboat of the “Iron Bird Series” built by Hin Lee (Zhuhai) Shipyard Co., Ltd. for Svitzer marking the successful completion of the project. All four sister ships are RAstar 2800-CL models, classified by Lloyd’s Register, and are set to operate in Australian ports.

2022-2024, there are 13 tugboats built by Hin Lee (Zhuhai) Shipyard Co., Ltd. for Svitzer under our supervision.

The successful delivery and departure of these vessels underscore Star MarinePro’s commitment to quality and excellence in maritime project supervision.

Vessel Name:

Svitzer Aplaya, Svitzer Santa Clara, Svitzer Karsada, Svitzer Bolbok, Svitzer Bilby, Svitzer Dorado, Svitzer Dragon, Svitzer King Fisher, Svitzer Rowley, Iron Quail, Iron Wren, Iron Robin, and Iron Finch.

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