About us


Growing a strong customer base, creating brand loyalty and building trust are vital to our growth. Ship investments are always long term. So we are keeping our understanding of the market environment always one step ahead, foreseeing changes, spotting new risks and turning them into opportunities. In short: We take always more into account than normally required. This makes our solutions long-long-lasting.

Sustainability impacts are considered during the conceptualization and development of the Group’s products and solutions. In addition, we use a varied approach to engage our customers and continuously learn through quick feedback loops: Customer retention and satisfaction levels are tracked as key indicators for economic performance and business resilience. Structured systems, such as a customer relationship management framework, ISO 9001-certified processes and audit systems are employed to ensure effective collaboration, timely response to feedback, as well as high standards of quality, safety, environment and operational performance.
These processes undergo regular reviews and are adapted by various yard facilities.

Our key elements are following to retain our sustainability:

  •   Anti-corruption
  •   Reporting principals
  •   Environments
  •   Health and safety
  •   Our employees